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October 2009               24th Overall (out of 467)                 American Royal - Kansas City, Kansas
                                       14th Place - Brisket                                (aka:  The Superbowl of Barbeque Competitions)
                                        4th Place - Pork Butt

August 2009                 1st Place - Pork Ribs                      Bones and Brews - Portland, Oregon

July 2009                       2nd Place - Chicken                       Eastern Oregon BBQ Championship - Condon, Oregon
                                       3rd Place - Ribs

May 2009                     Reserved Grand Champion        Oregon Spring Training - Portland, Oregon

May 2009                     Grand Champion                           Smokin' on the Columbia - Astoria, Oregon
                                      2nd Place - Tri Tip    
                                      3rd Place - Chicken

April 2009                    Grand Champion                            Pike's Place Market - Seattle, Washington
                                      1st Place - Brisket
                                      1st Place - Pork Butt

June 2008                    2nd Place - Brisket                           Oregon Barbeque Championship - Tigard, Oregon

June 2008                    3rd Place Brisket                              Oregon State Championship - Aloha, Oregon                     

May 2008                    1st Place - Ribs                                  Oregon Spring Training - Portland, Oregon
                                     1st Place - Chicken                
March 2008                 Reserve Grand Champion            Pike's Place Market - Seattle, Washington
                                      2nd Place Chicken
                                      3rd Place Brisket

September 2007        3rd Place Ribs                                    Oregon State Fair - Salem, Oregon

July 2007                     1st Place Chicken                              Oregon State Championship - Aloha, Oregon

June 2007                    2nd Place Chicken                            Oregon Barbeque Championship - Tigard, Oregon

July 2006                     1st Place Chicken                              Oregon Buckaroo Barbeque - Mollala, Oregon

August 2005                1st Place Ribs                                   Western States Regionals - Albany, Oregon

July 2005                     1st Place Ribs                                    Oregon Buckaroo Barbeque - Mollala, Oregon

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